Out of DUST

Jan. 2020


Photos: Simone Ballan

Out of DUST - Deleon Company

In a period where we as human beings try to grasp and understand everything around us, out of DUST dares to believe in the unknown. The performance is a raw, physical dance piece that investigates the notion of the soul. That which is connected to sorrow but also the ethereal soul connected to the lived life. Through out of DUST DeLeónCompany has created a performance, that through the already ungraspable notion of the soul opens a universe for daring to be in the unknown and create space for reflection about silence, body and soul and their interconnectedness.

Choreographer: Jens Schyth Brøndum

Creative Producer: Stina Strange Thue
Dancers: Nikoline Due Stina Strange Thue Hampus Bergenheim Jens Schyth Brøndum
Scenographer: Rasmus Strange Thue
Music Composer: Mikkel Peter Larsen
Light Designer: Peter Bodholdt Løkke
Costume Designer: Ane Katrine Kjær

Co-Production: Dansekapellet

Piano: Hjalte Hviid Mikkelsen
Bass: Nikolaj Hofgrefe
Guitar: Claudio Andersen
Drums and perc: Sara Mouritzen
Waterphone: Benjamin Barfod
Clarinet: Ea Wiimh
Cello: Line Felding
Synth: Mikkel Larsen

Freja Møller Kristiansen
Rebecca Wandel
Ea Wiimh
Sasha Ryabina
Mikkel Larsen
Line Felding
Anna-Sofie Larsen
Jens Schyth Brønnum